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A Predictive Analytics Company

We are a fast-growing, innovative, and experienced leader in artificial intelligence.
We invest in and develop AI predictive analytics products that empower people and businesses to make better decisions.

Artificial Intelligence Stocks Leading the New Wave!

According to a 2020 report from Grand View Research, the estimated market size for AI will grow at a projected 42.2% between 2020 and 2027. This means that AI stocks have the potential of being massive money-spinners in the coming years.

Making Us Smarter

Digimax reveals actionable predictive insight across the financial and human world.
We empower our clients in making better decisions, from uncovering the trends influencing the financial markets to measuring the impact of personality traits from the workforce, culture, and brands.

Examples of our predictive insight are trends in the financial markets, analyzing recruitment submissions for police, working with human resources departments to identify top performers’ traits, and lab engineering to create new needed devices that augment humans.

AI Products

Crypto Trading Platform
AI-Based Predictive Trend Indicator


DigiMax is pleased to announce that it has developed an AI-based predictive platform CryptoDivine.ai that has demonstrated an investor’s ability to realize superior rates of return trading cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The program has been under development for more than one year with positive results.

As with other platforms developed by DataNavee, this solution uses AI to sort through reams of data. It includes the trading history of the currencies, macro and micro-economic data, world events, and global money flows. It brings all of this data into one solution that gives the user the ability to predict changes in the designated currency’s direction.

CryptoDivine.ai has several functions that assist both novice and experienced crypto traders that include:
•8 proprietary technical trading indicators
•A DigiMax proprietary Crypto Price-Trend Indicator for each cryptocurrency we analyse, continuously updated and trained on our machine learning "Ticker Regime" platform.
•Ability to choose Bitcoin or Ethereum
•Ability to toggle between hourly or daily indicators
•24/7 functionality
•Ability to toggle between different information screens
•24/7 Email notification of change indications

DigiMax expects to add several other functions and improvements to the application.

The application is 
available for subscription immediately for US$29.95 per month, with a 7-day free trial. The subscription can be easily canceled and renewed inside the App at any time at the push of a button, and billing will not recur the following month. Effective June 1, the subscription price is expected to increase to $99.95 per month with price breaks for 6-month and 12-month subscribers.

Please note, this is a predictive indicator application and NOT a trading platform. DigiMax can help you find an appropriate trading platform, but this App does not perform direct trades.

With a renewed global interest in the value of cryptocurrencies as an alternative store of value to fiat currency, DigiMax estimates the potential could measure into the millions of individual subscriptions. We will initially launch the solution in North America, and we will add other countries monthly.

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AI Acquisitions

Digimax has acquired two high-level technologies,
DataNavee and Darwin.
Both ecosystems enhance our state-of-the-art AI predictive engine.

Augmenting Business Capital with NaveePredict

NaveePredict improves forecasting by revealing the trends of your sales, revenues, and supply chain movements buried in data. Our AI-powered technology, reinforced by our machine learning prediction technology, reveals insights in key operations such as:

  • Sales predictions
  • Inventory requirement predictions to help maintain optimal inventory levels
  • More accurate supply chain forecasting & management
  • Invoice payment predictions
  • Improving marketing campaigns with targeted segmentation

Find out more about DataNavee Business Capital Solutions

Augmenting Human Capital with the PPI

The Projected Personality Interpreter (PPI) evaluates and improves your workforce, brand, and culture by revealing the personality traits and sentiment buried in human expression. The PPI empowers organizations with comparative insight for better hiring decisions, reducing employment attrition, and improving workplace culture.

PPI provides a comprehensive and complete solution offering:

  • Recruitment campaign management
  • Custom questionnaires, desirable traits recipes, group likenesses, and white label branding
  • Detailed and personality reports to compare and contrast peers
  • PPI API for advanced integration

Find out more about DataNavee Human Capital

Darwin Ecosystem partnership with IBM Watson and Cloud services, paired with our CTO being a former IBMer, facilitated Digimax’s joining the IBM Partner Ecosystem to bring world-class industrial strength and resilience to our solutions and client relationships.

Innovation Engineering

Digimax is an innovation engineering company that provides solutions and services that help our clients, both large and small, benefit from the latest technological innovation to achieving predictive insight. Technology, big data, economic and social advancements demand that we continuously improve our methods and seek information sources that strengthen our predictive capabilities.

We apply best practices inspired by Agile development methodologies addressing the changing landscape of user experiences, cloud, connected devices, unstructured and structured data, social media, and any information deemed relevant to our clients’ prosperity. 

PPI is an incredible tool to identify the common traits of our top performing salespeople. Not only do we see who is the best fit for the right account, but we also discovered that we have a specific personality MVP type.

Evangelos Efstathiou

CEO Skysail Advisors

A leader in cognitive AI development

Digimax is currently working on its most ambitious project yet; developing a system that tracks brainwaves, recognizes patterns and interprets the intentions behind them. It could unlock communication for adults and children who are unable to speak.

"Venture Capitalists invest money into a business.
We invest our technology and expertise into your business."


Artificial Intelligence Stocks Are Leading the New Wave!

The companies that have harnessed AI are the companies dominating. It’s the foundation of how I invest in stocks these days. “How good is the company at AI.”  - JAN 2021

Mark Cuban

Billionaire investor /Shark Tank 

"Here’s a number to think about: $126 billion. That’s the predicted size of the artificial intelligence (AI) technology market in 2025. AI, once the sole province of the more arcane branches of computer programming and coding, has become an essential part of the digital world we live in." - M Marcus - Nadaq

"The growth of artificial intelligence is enviable; a 2020 report from Grand View Research estimated the global market size to be $39.9 billion in 2019 and projected a 42.2% compound annual growth rate between 2020 and 2027." -
usnews.com 01-13-2021

"Self-made billionaire Mark Cuban of Shark Tank predicts that the world’s first trillionaires will actually be entrepreneurs working with artificial intelligence." -  


Digimax is poised to be a leader in the fast-growing, multi billion-dollar AI Industry.
Don't miss out on this currently undervalued modern opportunity!


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Management & Directors

Digimax's world-class team includes our Chief Technical Officer Thierry Hubert, one of the early pioneers in developing awareness solutions through artificial intelligence.

Thierry has been recognized for decades for his innovations in progressing the AI industry.

He has chosen to join Digimax for its rock-solid management team and progressive focus on solutions that organize the massive amounts of underutilized data that today's businesses and individuals receive.

Digimax turns that data into easy-to-understand information, empowering our clients to make better decisions.

Chris Carl CEO

Chris was appointed Chief Executive Officer of DigiCrypts on closing of the RTO. Chris brings over 20 years’ experience as a public-company CEO including 8 years with Tenneco Inc., 10 years as CEO of CanFibre Ltd. developing technology from lab at UBC in Vancouver to completing two $125 million facilities in US .

Chris spent 9 years as CEO developing BioExx Specialty Proteins Ltd. which was listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange, attaining a $600 million market capitalization. In addition to his public company experience, Chris spent 3 years running Foundation Investment Capital Corp., a boutique venture capital and advisory company helping small public and soon-to-be-public companies establish foundation required to become successful. Chris was also the Regional Director for The CFO Centre based in Toronto. Chris obtained his Honour’s B. Comm, from Queen’s University, in Kingston ON.


Norm Akierman President, DataNavee

Norm has over 25 years of management experience in the technology space in both Canada and Israel. Most recently, he held the positions of Vice President of Global Sales for leading tech companies operating in the Augmented Reality and Predictive Data Analytics markets in North Emerica, EMEA, and APAC. Norm has also served as principal/managing director at Adar Technologies, a leading distributor of technology solutions.

Norm graduated with an MBA degree from the University of Windsor (Ontario) in 1989 and a B.A. degree in Public Policy & Administration from York University (Toronto, Canada) in 1988.


David Berman CDO

David is a CPA, CA with over 25 years of senior management and capital markets experience across various industries including Cannabis, Resources, and Technology. David's most recent experience was with Xanthic Biopharma Inc. which was acquired by way of a reverse takeover by Green Growth Brands out of Columbus, Ohio and previously listed on CSE and OTC markets.

Thierry Hubert CTO

Thierry Hubert became Chief Technology Officer following the Digimax acquisition of the Darwin Ecosystem intellectual property. Having been recognized for decades for his tech industry innovations, Thierry is one of the early pioneers in applying Artificial Intelligence to solve Big Data and unstructured information challenges. His journey started in the 80s with Price Waterhouse when he researched, developed, and deployed new transformative digital solutions and best practices for the firm. Working with industry leaders and the pioneers of the time, he primarily accredits his inspiration when researching the transformative impact of digital collaborative computing on the corporate culture in collaboration with MIT’s Sloan School of Business in 1990.

He pursued to further his findings by co-founding The Human Interface Group in 1990. The company was acquired in 1994 by Lotus Development Corporation to create an institute dedicated to collaborative, electronic learning and knowledge management best practices and technologies. Upon IBM’s acquisition of the Lotus in 1995, Thierry was transferred to Paris, France, and became IBM’s EMEA Director of the Process Innovation Practice and Research and Development for collaborative and knowledge management innovations across Europe. Upon returning to the United States, Thierry continued to research and develop solutions inspired by artificial intelligence and chaos theory principles. He has received awards, recognitions, and grants that contributed to his on-going collaboration with IBM and the creation of Darwin Ecosystem.


David Bhumgara - CFO

 David has worked as financial consultant and chief financial officer for both private, CSE, TSX Venture and NASDAQ listed public companies for the last 21 years. He has a broad high level background in both operations and finance.


"Digimax is poised to be a leader in the fast-growing, multi billion-dollar AI industry.
Don't miss out on this currently undervalued modern opportunity."

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AI stocks are leveraging the evolving technology to offer more innovative and refined solutions

Artificial intelligence has expanded its grip during the novel coronavirus pandemic. Lockdown restrictions have essentially uncovered the value of AI and its ability to add value to a variety of tasks for companies. Therefore, AI has become a centerpiece of the post-pandemic reality.



Artificial intelligence (AI) is a world changer

It's unleashing a tidal wave of wealth that will be unlike anything we've ever seen before...
International Data Corporation (IDC) says by 2021, it will have saved U.S. businesses a whopping $60 billion!

Simply put: This opportunity is enormous.

Yahoo Finance


Artificial Intelligence Stocks Leading the New Wave

Here’s a number to think about: $126 billion. That’s the predicted size of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology market in 2025. AI, once the sole province of the more arcane branches of computer programming and coding, has become an essential part of the digital world we live in.


DigiMax is poised to be a leader in the fast-growing, multi billion-dollar AI Industry.
Don't miss out on this currently undervalued modern opportunity!


"It's about empowering humans to make better decisions."